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Ziman Pilates & Physio

Samantha Ziman

Pilates Teacher, Physiotherapist

Mindfulness, Breathe, Live in the moment, Do what you love. 



Carlton Studio

Join me, to have some fun on the reformer and learn about your body, how to move well and improve strength, flexibility and endurance. 


Prahran Studio

the Cadillac is a great piece to assist and resist your muscles in all sorts of positions to get you back to living life to the fullest. Whether you have an injury or just want to improve your movement,come see me for  a pilates  session! 


Ziman Pilates & Physio was founded by Samantha Ziman. 

Samantha first realised her love of movement through ball room dancing as a teenager, She then started Pilates to rehab an injury and saw the benefits in her own body. 

Sam then began her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Monash University, Melbourne and continued her regular pilates classes. Upon graduating, Sam completed Level 1 and 2 Dance Medicine Australia, Pilates training and worked at Mill park Physiotherapy.

Sam moved to London from 2012-2016 and continued her pilates education at Six Physio. 

Since returning, Sam has been working at Balance & Control Pilates Studio and Movementality. 

Sam is currently undertaking an Integrated Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology with Tensegrity Training. 

Sam loves working with clients, particularly helping people recover from an injury. Sam uses her clinical pilates experience and her physiotherapy knowledge to put together specific pilates programs for clients and help them make changes in there alignment, posture, strength and flexibility. 



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Nourish, Revive and Rehabilitate your body with movement
— ZP


Physiotherapy addresses the physical body and any injuries or imbalances that you have. 

Your initial appointment is 60 minutes which includes a taking of your injury history, a postural and movement assessment to identify what we need to work on, treatment to start solving the puzzle and a future plan to get you back to doing what you love. 

Pilates Assessment

Pilates is the combination of the mind and body and allows for an accurate and precise development of strength, flexibility, length and stability

Your initial pilates assessment is 60 minutes. 

The initial assessment includes a chat about your  injury history and past exercise performance, a postural and movement assessment including your core, breathe and alignment. This session includes exercises on the mat, reformer, Cadillac and/or Wunda Chair. 


Rehab Pilates

The Rehab pilates classes are 60 minutes with a maximum of 3 people. They are designed so that you progress through the pilates journey with ease and comfort. I put a big focus on correct technique and alignment so that you are able to make lasting changes to how your body feels and moves. 

You receive personalised attention to help you achieve your short and long term goals. Cues are given with each exercise so you are able to become aware of how you are moving and which muscles are working. you will become an anatomy genius at the end :)

The class includes the use of the pilates equipment; Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair and raised bench in addition to the small apparatus; Magic Circle, Foam roller, spikey balls and Franklin balls. 

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IN pilates, the use of touch and tactile cues is so important so the client feels the change in their body in that split second 


Initial Physio/Pilates assessment  ( 1 hour)

  • $120

Rehab Pilates class ( 1 hour) 

  • 1 class: $65

  • 10 pack: $530

  • 20 Pack: $1020  

  • 30 Pack: $1470

Physiotherapy review (30 minutes)

  •  $80


To Book a session with Samantha Ziman, you can call or email on the details below or click on the links below and you will be taken to the online booking system. 

To book online: 


Download the Mindbody app and search for Ziman Pilates & Physio

Or alternatively, 

Call  0481 374 673


We have EFTPOS facilities and HICAPS, to claim your private health rebate on the spot. 

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introducing the wunda chair 

The wunda chair is one of the more advanced pieces of pilates equipment, known for its versatility and challenge. it won't let you get away with anything. Your alignment and centering will have to be on point :)

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Opening Hours:

Monday: By appointment

Tuesday: 7am-12pm Prahran/ 3pm-8pm Carlton

Wednesday: 7am-1pm Carlton

Thursday: 3-8pm Carlton

Friday: 7:30am-12:30pm Prahran

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One last thing..... Please check out my Blog ( top navigation bar), there are posts on Foam roller workouts, glute strengthening exercises and activating your abdominals. So if that doesn't entice you... I'm not sure what will.... ;)



1) Level 2, 174- 176 Bouverie Street
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2) 91 High St, Prahran,  3181