Nourish, Revive and Rehabilitate your body with movement


Physiotherapy addresses the physical body and any injuries or imbalances that you have. 

It is recommended to have a 60 minute consultation  when you first attend the clinic as it's the most effective and efficient  way to achieve the best results. 

Through an initial assessment, a diagnosis is made and any limitations are identified. Through a variety of evidence based techniques, a treatment plan is put together which often includes the integration of Clinical Pilates, strengthening and flexibility exercises. 

Rehab Pilates / Clinical Pilates Assessment

Pilates is the combination of the mind and body and allows for an accurate and precise development of strength, flexibility, length and stability

A Pilates assessment is 60 minutes and is recommended for anyone interested in beginning there pilates journey.

The initial assessment is a look at your posture and injury history and includes an assessment of your core, breathe and alignment. This session includes exercises on the mat, reformer, Cadillac and/or Wunda Chair. 


Rehab Pilates/ Clinical Pilates

Rehab Pilates, also called Clinical Pilates are 60 minute classes with a maximum of 3 people. 

They are run by a physiotherapist and are designed with strength and recovery in mind. You receive personalised attention to help you achieve your short and long term goals. They are for people who enjoy a tailored and individualised approach in a challenging and progressive way. 

The class includes the use of the pilates equipment; Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair and Raised bench in addition to the small apparatus; Magic Circle, Foam roller, spikey balls and Franklin balls.